How To Achieve Orgasms For Dummies

When you can have them, everything is great but when you are not able to reach them the following questions may pop up into your mind: how to achieve orgasms and why can’t I achieve them? How to achieve an orgasm may be a big deal for women and men. When I say men, I think about what a man has to do in order to give his woman an orgasm. Having orgasms is important for both partners in a couple. Apart from the few minutes in which you feel like you are touching God, orgasms are the ultimate type a satisfaction humans can get after a sexual intercourse. Where there are no orgasms, there is frustration and different types of issues appear in the couple. After some time, the couples may even learn how to achieve multiple orgasms, the ultimate climax.

How to achieve an orgasm is something that every woman should know. In the first place, women must experience different things so they will get to know their bodies. Masturbation is one of the first steps a woman should take if she wants to have orgasms and it can also be the key on how to achieve female orgasm. In this way, women will be able to guide their partners towards they know they enjoy and orgasms will come much faster. On the other hand, how to achieve female orgasm is not only a woman’s issue but also something that a man should know. They are basically the ones whose performance may lead or not to an orgasm. A man’s job is to offer the woman just enough stimulation that she needs which is usually more stimulation than a man needs. With the right techniques of foreplay, oral sex and the other weapons men can use to their own benefits. Because in the end, if she is happy he is even happier.

The point is that in what concerns orgasms, men have a great role to play. They have strong cards to play, starting with foreplay and oral sex to using their fingers just the way she likes it. The most important rule to follow is to be aware of what she likes. Even if at the beginning the moves, kisses and touches are gentle and slow the rhythm and pressure should change during intercourse. When the right move and rhythm are found, he should stick with them. Women need to be fully aroused and this may require more work than it takes with men. Also, do not forget about all types of stimulation which is crucial for women. It is important in how to achieve multiple orgasms as well.

However, when all the tips in the books are masterly performed and orgasms still don’t come, it may be a sign of a physical sexual disorder. The ability to reach orgasms may be restricted by few medical conditions that should be checked out within a visit to the doctor. How to achieve orgasms is after all a very complex issue, in which many factors play their important role.

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